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We create tailored services that put our clients in a state of comfort over their marketing.

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A self-learning digital marketing agency

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ripplemark is a 8 year old digital marketing agency in Egypt with a love for data & analytics, growth & performance marketing, self-learning and constant evolution. Our services are all specifically designed to fall in line with our main value proposition: to put our clients in a state of comfort over their marketing.

By taking our time to understand each client’s industry, audience, needs, objectives and long-term goals, we are able to provide tailored services that are aimed towards pushing our clients’ bottom line toward success. Our aim is not to be your digital marketing agency of choice. Our aim is to become your business’ marketing team, working hand-in-hand with you to develop your brand and help you achieve your goals.

Are Our Services Suitable for Your Business?

In a budding industry, which we all know is the case for digital marketing in Egypt, we see many agencies and freelancers claiming to provide a whole range of services that they are not entirely qualified to provide. We like to be different in that regard, and we do not sell services to clients who don’t need them. This helps us build trust, maintain client satisfaction rates, and create long-lasting relationships with each and every one of our clients.

If your business is struggling when it comes to logistics, operations, production, or in generating investments, we likely can’t help you, and neither can any other digital marketing company (but we could probably refer you to someone who can!).

However, if your business is in need of proper digital marketing services that understand what it takes to raise awareness, engage your audience, and generate revenue or qualified leads, then we likely can help you!

Performance Marketing Agency

Our Services

We don’t sell services to companies who don’t need them

Media Buying

Media Buying

Our media buying service will boost your business’ bottom line by continuously driving traffic to your website, engaging and pushing your customers toward converting at the right time.

Media Buying Service

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Having been in the social media marketing business for almost a decade, we’re well-versed in assisting brands in reaching virtually anyone and everyone on some of the biggest social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing Service



Our goal is to help each client grow efficiently by providing a winning combination of creative social media content, data-driven media buying efforts, and relentless testing and optimization.

Ecommerce Service

Long-Form Copywriting

Long-Form Copywriting

Our long-form SEO website copywriting service will provide you with a steady stream of website content that will help you improve your Google ranking for crucial keywords and key phrases.

Long-Form Copywriting Service

Lead Generation for B2B & SaaS Clients

Lead Generation

Our lead generation service will empower your sales teams with thousands of highly qualified leads that will eventually convert into loyal customers and brand advocates.

Lead Generation Service

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile App Marketing

Our app marketing service streamlines your app’s growth funnel to increase app installs, revenue & retention. We have a performance driven service that’s largely based on increasing app installs as the main KPI between the agency and the client.

Mobile App Marketing Service

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

From transactional emails that delight, to complex email automation sequences that engage users directly from the inbox, our email marketing service will help your business communicate better with audiences.

Email Marketing Service

Content Marketing

Content Marketing

You’re in luck! No social media agency in Egypt creates content that is as creative, unique, and tailored to your audience’s preferences on various social media platforms as we do.

Content Marketing Service

Digital Strategy Service

Digital Strategy

Our digital strategy service will provide your business with a digital marketing strategy that provides a 360 view of your industry, where you stand and the next steps you can take to propel your business forward.

Digital Strategy Service

Website Development

You’re in luck! No website development company in Egypt has the technical capabilities and UI/UX knowledge we have that allow us to efficiently create stunning websites for our clients that serve their business objectives.

Website Development Service

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO service covers everything your business needs to rank at the top of Google search results by auditing your website and competitors’ websites, conducting keyword research and optimizing your website.

SEO Service

Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization

The CRO process involves understanding your users; how they move through your site, what actions they take. By optimizing your CRO you can acquire more customers, and GROW your business.

CRO Service

Digital Consultation Service

Digital Consultation

Whether you’re a small business that is just starting off or a one that has reached a ceiling with its growth, our digital consultation session is the fastest way to get the digital knowledge you need to beat the competition.

Digital Consultation Service

Why Should I Choose ripplemark Over Other Agencies?

We always advise our clients to do the appropriate shopping for agencies and digital marketing services when picking an entity to handle your organization’s unique needs. In the event that we do work together we feel it necessary to let you know that we focus on the hard metrics and forget vanity and fluff. We provide businesses with the tools, understanding, and digital marketing services they need to implement a digital marketing infrastructure that understands the nature of full funnel performance.

The strength of our team and our culture lies in an ever-evolving set of core competencies nimbly combined and refined into tailored solutions for our clients and their brands. We’re just as confident in our social media marketing service as we are in our lead generation service, and that versatility is what makes us unique.

How Much Should a Digital Marketing Service Cost Me?

There is a common misconception that digital marketing services can be packaged, in fact the only thing that we can agree on in terms of selling digital marketing services is that it all starts from an audit.

Digital marketing can be packaged and made into cookie cutter old-school packages but that misses the entire point of organizational specificity. A SaaS company doesn’t need the same digital marketing services as an F&B location or an E-commerce website that’s a marketplace, or even an E-commerce store with owned products. There is no one size fits all and that is the lay of the land. In picking a digital marketing agency be sure to ask key questions about their experience, their team’s experience, the tools they use, the deliverables and project timelines, etc. And rest assured that at the end of the day marketing is not a cost it is an investment.

Digital Marketing Services Packages

See How Our Digital Marketing Agency's Services Help Our Clients

Our Growth Process

Our process starts with an introductory kick-off meeting with your brand’s main stakeholders to get your take on the overall brand, its objectives, the competition and industry in which your brand lies. This meeting is our chance to learn about your business from those who know it best: you!

Once we’ve understood your objectives, needs, and the potential caveats that lie ahead, we create a tailored proposal for our partnership with all terms, services and fees clearly mentioned.

Once the proposals are signed and stamped, we hold a 4-hour workshop with your team where we present our findings, get more insights from your team, and put in place the overarching strategy we plan to follow with you. After a time period of careful research and planning, we get to work on our mutual objectives to ensure that your brand is positioned in the way you have envisioned.


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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Service

  • How many marketing agencies are there in Egypt?

    • There are countless marketing agencies in Egypt, with new agencies being founded at a rapid rate. However, we like to think we stand out from the crowd because we value our clients, our relationships with them, and our responsibility as stewards of their brand who are bound, both contractually and ethically, to helping their brands grow in every way possible.

  • What do digital marketing agencies do?

    • Ask any agency that provides digital marketing in Cairo what they do, and you will be provided with roughly the same answers. Whether it’s content marketing, media buying, SEO, or any other digital marketing service, any agency can talk the talk, but not every agency will be able to walk the walk.

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