10 Interactive Facebook Posts to Grab Your Audience’s Attention

10 Interactive Facebook Posts to Grab Your Audience’s Attention

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The internet is drowning in content. As a brand, you have to contend with trillions of cute videos of cats, memes, TikToks, and Instagram Reels. To break through the noise, grab the attention of your audience, and engage them in your cause, you’ll need some fun interactive Facebook posts.

What are interactive posts on Facebook?

You can post lots of different content on Facebook, from Twitter-like snippets of text and Instagram-esque pictures and videos to longer-form blog posts, links, and audio. An interactive post can indeed be any one of these, but always with a twist.

An interactive post is a post designed to actively engage the end-user with a fun, interesting, or challenging call to action. This interaction could be fostered by a type of post which is quite obviously interactive, such as a poll, quiz, or question.

But interaction can also be created with words and images to make the reader stop in their tracks, think about your content, and – ideally – then engage with it by purchasing your products or services, or consuming your content.

Why are interactive posts important for engagement?

Believe it or not, of the nearly 8 billion people on earth, over half of them are on social media, spending on average about 2½ hours on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and the like every single day. To grab the attention of an audience who is already engaging with hundreds, if not thousands of other brands, companies and organizations – not to mention other users – is not easy. On Facebook, where you’ll find a target demographic of about 2.9 billion thirty-something, middle-aged and senior users, your posts need to stand out from the crowd if they’re to attract any attention at all. Here’s a look at why exactly interactive Facebook posts are so important for engagement and for the growth of your company or brand:

Fundamentals and General Courses:

  • They make the user feel that your company cares about their opinion
  • They are likely to expand your impressions to reach new potential customers and clients
  • They allow you to express your brand’s unique character in attractive ways
  • They stick in the mind, retaining a user’s attention (and custom) for longer
  • They make a user feel seen and heard in a vast, often lonely digital space
  • They provide genuine value to a customer’s social media experience, increasing that customer’s estimation of you and your business (and their loyalty)
  • They are an effective form of advertising which can increase sales without feeling pushy to users already overwhelmed with sponsored ads

10 Types of Interactive Facebook Posts That Work

As we’ve explained above, interactive posts for Facebook have been proven to drive-up customer engagement with brands, increasing their sense of brand loyalty, and increasing the potential number of new users your social media presence can reach.

Now, we’re going to dive into the top 10 interactive Facebook post ideas to help you deliver on your sales & marketing goals.

1. Blog posts with actionable tips

A company blog is a repository for high-quality content relating to your brand, industry and trends revolving around both. Especially useful for B2B businesses, sharing the link to a blog post on Facebook can help to increase your brand’s credibility and stature as an expert in the field. However, a link alone is not interactive or engaging.

To make it so, share it alongside actionable tips taken directly from the blog post. Choose tips based on your target audience’s needs, and users are more likely to follow through to the original post (and thus to your company website).

Also, you can integrate influencers in your marketing strategy, for example, having them to create a guest post or advertise your products.

2. Ask followers to tag a friend

Asking your followers to tag a friend in one of your posts is an easy and effective means of expanding your company’s reach to include a whole new demographic of potential clients.

Those who already follow your brand and brand content will tag others they think will also like it, and in turn, those tagged friends may become lifelong customers.

Asking followers to tag a friend works best paired with other fun interactive Facebook post ideas such as giveaways, quizzes and questions, which we discuss in greater detail below!

3. Giveaways and contests

Everybody loves free stuff and everybody has a competitive edge. These are two universal truths that can serve you, as a business or brand, exceptionally well in the realm of social media engagement.

Hosting a giveaway, or contest, is one of the most popular types of interactive Facebook posts, since it’s almost always irresistible to social media users. Equally, for a tiny investment, the return for your brand is huge.

A giveaway can be for any number of different types of prizes, but the prize should always be something that both reflects the services or products you offer and promotes further brand engagement on the part of the participants.

For example, if you’re a sandwich shop, why not offer free lunches for a year? Or, if you’re a cosmetics brand, a personalized make-up kit? If you’re a travel agent, you could offer a package holiday, or if you’re a consultancy firm, an hour’s free professional consultation.

The ultimate goal of this type of fun Facebook interactive post is not the reward you provide one person with but the immense levels of engagement a post like this fosters with hundreds, if not thousands of others.

4. Questions

People on social media want to feel like they have a voice that’s heard and respected.

Giving your followers the opportunity to voice their opinion in the comments section to a question you pose on Facebook not only provides you with free market research but also fosters a stronger bond between you and them.

Try to think about what kind of questions you can ask that would be interesting to answer. Bland and boring questions like “Do you like [BRAND NAME]?” are not going to attract much engagement.

5. Polls and quizzes

Anything which gives people quick-and-easy means of expressing their opinion is liable to increase your customer engagement levels. Polls and quizzes can serve two uniquely important additional functions:
  1. It allows you to gather clear, direct customer feedback on your brand or product-line.
  2. It gives the customer the genuine sense that their opinion will impact your decision-making, thus building strong ties between them and you, and increasing brand loyalty.

Facebook gives you the ability to create quizzes and polls from default post templates on the app or website, so all you have to do is think of the question(s) to pose!

6. Videos

Interactive Facebook posts are not all about redirecting people to your online shop, collecting market research information from them, or encouraging them to spread the word about your brand. Sometimes, the best types of interactive content are the simplest. And what could possibly be simpler than a funny, cute, or inspirational video?

Video content has become the most popular form of all social media content – hence why the giants of social media today are TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram. The best videos (in terms of efficient customer engagement) are short, meme-styled, and not too complex.

In sharing videos that entertain and inform, you create a feedback loop that cements your Facebook Page as a source of quality content in the mind of the user. Naturally, when they visit your page for fun videos, they will also chance upon your more directly-promotional material.

7. Fun challenges

One of the most difficult tasks of a marketing department in the modern age is to translate online, digital engagement to real-world customer engagement. It’s all very well having a follower count of 10K, but if your sales only pertain to 1K individuals, is your social media presence really having the effect it should?

Posing fun, offline challenges to your audience is a surprisingly effective way of translating digital engagement to the physical world. Some of the most famous viral challenges of the past decade – such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, planking, and the Mannequin Challenge – were started as a means of raising awareness of specific causes or people.

The challenge you put to your audience could directly relate to your business or brand or be something entirely separate. Either way, if it takes off, people will want to know who started it, and your business will reap the benefits.

8. Podcasts

Did you know that over 50% of all houses in the US are home to a podcast fan? Podcasts have become, alongside TV and movie streaming, music, and social media, one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the 21st century.

Like blogs, podcasts are fantastic ventures for certain businesses and brands – provided that you can approach your niche from an interesting, valuable, and niche perspective (podcast fans will quickly see your marketing campaign podcast for what it is).

Craft fun, informative, or otherwise entertaining clips from your podcast with the right podcast editing software and share them on Facebook to encourage people to listen to the full episode and, in turn, engage more with your brand.


It may sound ridiculously simple, but sticking a semi-inspirational quote over a nice image (with your brand’s logo in-frame) is another truly effective type of interactive Facebook post, likely to be shared far and wide.

With so much content firing across the neural membranes of social media users at all times, the most impactful stuff tends to be the simplest and easiest to digest. Inspirational or interesting quotes can be read quickly and shared to evoke emotional responses from one’s friends or colleagues.

Whether the sharer knows of your brand (the OP) or not, in spreading your carefully-crafted content on their own Facebook profile, they have inadvertently offered you some free marketing to each of their several hundred friends and followers.

10. UGC (user-generated content)

UGC (user-generated content) refers to any posts, status updates, stories, or feedback you receive from real customers and clients of yours on social media. It’s not always the easiest type of interactive content to get your hands on, especially when just starting out, but it is some of the purest and most effective at driving user engagement once you have it. After all, we are social animals who tend to follow the crowd.

When someone tags your company or brand in a post of theirs, or shares feedback elsewhere, it takes no time at all to reshare that UGC to your own Facebook timeline. In doing so, you immediately broadcast to all of your followers that there are other people – like them – who have had a positive experience with your company, thus encouraging them to engage with you and enjoy a similar experience.



If you want to break through the noise of social media and reach a customer base of potentially many millions of people, then you’ll need to perfect the art of creating interactive content. Hopefully, with this guide to fun and effective interactive Facebook posts under your wing, you’re well on your way to introducing your brand to the world.

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