Search Engine Optimization

Rank higher and increase your business’s visibility on Google through our different SEO services

Search Engine Optimization

Your customers are most probably using search engines to search for keywords and or keyphrases to find what they are looking for- whether it’s finding a restaurant, contractor, clothing, or how the pyramids were built? This is where SEO comes in, it’s the process of helping your customer connect with your business online. Not only does SEO increase your business’s visibility on Google and increase exposure for your brand but it also builds trust with your customers and saves you money! Like our founder Omar EL Sabh likes to put it, SEO is the “Gift that Keeps on Giving”. We say that because SEO is a long term investment; minimal results are seen during the first 3-months, but once you make it to Google’s first page, watch how your organic traffic will skyrocket!

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What’s included in an SEO service contract:

Technical Audit:

Auditing your website technical aspects to find out what fixes might need improvement.

Keyword Research:

Discovering keywords and keyphrases that your customers search for on Google to find information about your business or topics related to your business, when knowing these keywords/keyphrases you can tailor content that is relevant to them.

Content Writing:

Creating quality content with relevant keywords/keyphrases to attract traffic from Google. Types of SEO content are blogging, product pages, articles, infographics, etc.

Link Building:

Once quality content is written, your customers are searching for it, and it’s properly optimized. To establish authority, you need to earn links from external websites as well as creating internal links, or links that connect to pages in your website to tell Google that this piece of content is important.

Website Crawl & Analysis

Webpages that can’t be indexed or crawled will never rank high, so making sure that your website is crawlable is essential if you want to rank high on SERPs.

XML Sitemap Configuration

Ensure that your website is getting indexed properly. We also make sure that only the most important pages are included in your XML sitemap.

Schema Markup

Helps search engine crawlers to provide rich information to the users even before they visit the website.

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