Lead Generation for B2B & SaaS clients

Generating qualified leads who might be interested in your products or services to streamline your sales process and empower your sales team

Lead Generation
for B2B & SaaS Clients

The nature of the B2B customer journey cycle is wholly different from B2C. Usually when in a B2B environment, you’re convincing a set of key players in an organization to buy your product or service, and that creates a strong need for proper content and inbound marketing to convince your prospects of your viability to their business, as well as your position as an authority within your industry. When we work with a B2B client, whether it’s a professional service firm or a SaaS client selling an online product that requires significant buy-in, we make sure to thoughtfully map out the marketing and sales funnel as well as set realistic expectations as to when this funnel will bear fruit.

In B2B marketing, in a cross channel digital environment, one of the most important aspects is content marketing. We write professional, unique content for websites so that they rank highly on Google and other search engines, as well as position themselves as thought leaders in their respective field.

ripplemark can help you ensure that for your B2B business, all of the above is laid out and in motion.

What’s included in a B2B agency service contract?

  • SEO & Content Writing (Blogs and lead magnets)
  • ✅ Analytics and digital infrastructure setup
  • ✅ Creation of landing pages for lead gathering
  • Social Media Marketing on the appropriate platforms
  • Media Buying
  • ✅ CRM and MQL SQL enableability
Lead Generation