Social Media Marketing

Creating content and using Social Media platforms to promote clients’ products and/or services

Social Media Marketing

Today no one can escape the ubiquitous reach and allure of social media platforms. Our agency started off back in 2016 as a social media marketing agency and that’s why being social is in our DNA. Long before we evolved from digital marketing professionals to performance and then to growth marketers, we knew how to be on top of all the developments happening in the social media sphere.

Assisting brands in reaching virtually anyone and everyone on some of the biggest social media platforms in the world including Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram through creative content backed up by meticulous audience research. Our social media marketing service helps businesses in:

  • ✅ Building & increasing brand awareness.
  • ✅ Attaining high engagement rates.
  • ✅ Creating a strong fanbase.
  • ✅ Providing clients with the writing expertise needed to persuade audiences through leveraging psychological principles and the correct use of copywriting.

What’s included in a Social Media Marketing Service?

  • ✅ Creating organic content for your brand through creative production (video and photography).
  • ✅ Should Media buying be chosen by the client; creating all dark content (all the ad creatives and captions) that have different design elements and structures than organic content.
  • ✅ Providing the client with all the psychological writing expertise needed to win audiences over through the correct use of copywriting.
Social Media Marketing