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Whether you’re looking for social media marketing jobs, copywriter jobs, performance marketing jobs, or SEO jobs in Egypt, you’ve come to the right place. We’re always looking for professionals with talent and a thirst for knowledge to join our growing agency!

Digital Consultation Service
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We are looking for a passionate Web Developer who has the ability to work in a performance oriented team and is willing to dive into the marketing technology field and learn new techniques to thrive in today’s fast-paced environment. We are looking for someone who is aware of website UI, UX and development best practices and has the ability to take e-commerce websites to a higher level. We are a marketing agency and not a software house, although we do build the occasional website, so we need someone who will bring their web development knowledge together with a marketing technology mindset.

– A bachelor’s degree graduate in computer science, computer engineering or related fields.

– Proficient in the main frontend programming languages (HTML, CSS and JavaScript).

Experienced with one or more frontend frameworks (React, Vue.js or Angular).

Proficient in developing and managing WordPress and Shopify websites with 2-3 years’ experience.

Familiar with PHP and Shopify liquid template language.

Familiar with UI, UX and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) best practices.

Experienced with Google Tag Manager for creating different website tracking tags (is a plus).

Familiar with the technical integration of different marketing tools within the website.

– Able to integrate various APIs and platforms to create powerful marketing automation workflows.

– Excellent problem solver with analytical mindset.

Able to work in a team and communicate ideas clearly.

Eager to learn new skills and techniques.

Audit websites & mobile apps from UI, UX and functionality perspective.

– Create optimized e-commerce websites.

– Manage websites’ content and technical issues.

Be responsible for setting up all required events for tracking users’ behavior on the website and sending this data to different marketing tools/platforms such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, …etc.

Analyze users’ behavior using heatmaps and session recordings to determine the required CRO optimization practices to be applied.

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🚀 If you’ve been searching through countless lifeless job listings and slipping into a deep coma from “ we are looking for highly experienced account executives and highly motivated individuals to join the fastest growing digital agency in the world blah blah blah…. Then this will be the most important job listing you ever read. Here, you will do things your own way, no we really mean it when we say YOUR OWN WAY! 📚

But Before You Get ALL Excited…We will Stop You There…This role won’t be easy. We’re a fast-paced agency that demands the best or nothing. And that’s why we need a super sharp and passionate Account manager at the helm.

🔍We are looking for a detail-oriented Account Executive who wants to work in a self-learning work environment that’s backed by a fair degree of leadership science and diverse sets of managerial proficiencies and viewpoints. This jack of all trades and master of some should be looking to expand their knowledge in all aspects of Performance Marketing, agile project management, and content marketing (i.e not just social media!)

❗Previous experience as a Digital Marketing Account Manager is a must.


⚡ Communication, empathy, leadership, and stakeholder management.

⚡ Ability to withstand being in the foxhole when things get tough.

⚡Navigating analytics and media buying dashboards gracefully.

⚡Experience with e-Commerce accounts is a huge plus.

We are searching for high-energy account executives who can recognize opportunities and turn leads into long-lasting partnerships. With their extensive product knowledge and understanding of industry trends, Account Executives will communicate directly with clients and prospects, understand their individual needs, and recommend products or services that maximize value. Account Executives may also assist in developing strategies and establishing benchmarks across media channels. You should be an adaptable, knowledgeable multi-tasker with strong Googling and communication skills.

Successful account executives will be skilled communicators and presenters who can find the best fit between client and product. The ideal candidate will be organized, passionate about client relations, and focused on enhancing the client experience from all angles of growth.

As a cultural fit, the ideal candidate should recognize what it means to be a nerd about all things that develop minds. No curiosity or passion is too much for our ripplers, we only want candidates who are in this field to never stop learning.

More importantly, we are looking for people who will be in the foxhole before anyone else and rally the agency to more empathetic leadership and efficient productivity.

– 2-3 years of agency experience in a similar role.

– Well-rounded knowledge of digital marketing, including SEO, PPC (Google AdWords, Facebook), Conversion Rate Optimization, and Growth Hacking.

– Excellent understanding of Google Analytics.

– Highly organized and process-driven.

– Exceptional customer service is KEY!

– Confident in setting and managing client expectations.

– Google Analytics and Google AdWords certified is a PLUS.

– Confident in up-selling and retaining clients.

– Proven experience working as an Account Executive.

– Basic knowledge of media buying & strategy.

– Proficiency in all G-Suite applications.

– Outstanding negotiation and consulting skills.

– Strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

– Highly effective communication skills (grammatical mistakes are sinful at ripplemark).

– Develop long-term relationships with new & current clients.

– Act as the link between the client and the rest of the teams within ripplemark.

– Meet with clients to discuss goals, objectives, and needs.

– Ensuring client satisfaction with ripplemark’s services.

– Developing and implementing effective marketing plans to retain existing customers.

– Identifying customer needs and communicating how company products and services fulfill those needs.

– Resolve issues and handle complaints quickly and effectively.

– Get budgets and ideas approved.

– Work on monthly content calendars.

– Work closely with our creative and performance team.

– The candidate will be required during his time at ripplemark to learn every step of the way. Certifications, courses, workshops, reading books, nothing will be out of reach. Candidates’ long-term career development will take them into all areas of digital channels, performance mindset, and growth hacking chops.

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As media buyer your mission is to work across the agency’s largest accounts and make buying decisions in order to meet or exceed campaign goals. You’ll be managing all stages of the media buying process from campaign set up through to reporting and post campaign analysis. You have a passion for emerging technology and be extremely comfortable digging deep into the data to gleam insights or troubleshoot anomalies. You will also train and mentor other Media Buyers and Assistant Media Buyers on the team.

– Minimum of 2 to 4 years of proven media buying experience in a digital marketing agency

– Have a strong experience in managing and optimizing paid campaigns on different channels like Google ads, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat & Twitter

– Have strong knowledge of using Google Analytics and other analytical tools

– A proven experience of working on e-commerce accounts.

– A proven experience in data manipulation with Excel and data studio reports.

– Have a good level of communication & time management skills

– Constantly work to improve campaign performance, insights collection and takeaways, and generally strive to “over-deliver” to clients.

– Build strategies for account expansion on spending and performance

– Bid/buy and place campaigns within various digital platforms managing the ongoing real-time optimization of live media to ensure client goals are met and/or exceeded.

– Collaborate with media planners on upcoming campaigns determining best platforms, target audience, and creative strategies to implement to develop media plans.

– Monitor campaigns for performance ensuring campaigns are pacing accordingly, managing spend, troubleshooting campaigns, creating insights about performance, making updates accordingly and flagging potential issues to management.

– Create and occasionally present client-facing campaign reporting: pacing reports, campaign build, ad-hoc analysis, and high-touch optimizations to ensure relevant metrics and insights are shown and make recommendations by condensing or strengthening key insights from campaign reports to optimize performance.

– Manage platform relationships regularly via: Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Google, etc.

– Take responsibility for monitoring, training, and supporting the media buyers in achieving the goals, learning new techniques and implementing best practices. 

– Oversee Media Buyers bandwidth assisting in the training and development of new and existing Media Buyers on the team.

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