Media Buying

Purchasing ad space on relevant channels to reach the optimal target audience

Media Buying

Media buying has evolved beyond the simple creation of campaigns and hitting of targets based on CPMs and Clicks sold off to clients as units to sign off on targets. Today Media Buying is a complex battlefield of data extraction and experimentation that identifies the strongest opportunities for scale.

Media buying with ripplemark entails assisting brands in reaching target audiences on ad networks of any kind (Facebook, Google, Huwawei, Snapchat, Tiktok, etc.). This process takes place by extracting the key data points in creatives, audiences and placements and using it to implement a robust iterative testing approach that transforms good ads into massive winners.

What’s included in a Media Buying Service?

  • ✅ Identifying audiences that match your target market.
  • ✅ Choosing the objective of the campaign based on the part of the funnel we are targeting (awareness, consideration or conversion).
  • ✅ Picking a variable to split test (creative, audience, placement or bid strategy).
  • ✅ Launching and iterating based on failures or wins.

Whether sales, leads, or app installs through our media buying services we will help you achieve your objectives.

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