Mobile App Marketing

Engaging users throughout the entire lifecycle, from the second they are aware of your app’s existence, to turning them into loyal customers

Mobile App Marketing

Mobile app marketing can be broken down into two distinct services within the digital marketing sphere:

On the one hand, we have a performance driven service that’s largely based on increasing the acquisition of app installs as the main KPI between the agency and the client. Keeping these users on the app is more the responsibility of the client in this context. Nonetheless, it is the job of the agency (if stewardship is one of its values) to be well versed in data analytics to be able to provide the client with actionable insights that they can take to push the needle in the right direction.

On the other hand, we have a growth driven service that requires a much more robust growth team (be it within the client’s internal capabilities, partially outsourced to a third party or shared between us and the client) that can conduct experiments consistently to retain users on the application. For more information on the difference between growth hacking and performance marketing, please visit this blog post.

Sometimes app clients have the necessary team in place to conduct growth hacking, and on other times, all we can do for them is performance marketing; it all depends on the nature of the client and the stage they’re in.

Be that as it may, an app marketing set of services includes but is not limited to:

  • Media Buying to increase app installs
  • ✅ Analytics setup and testing of app events along with the necessary customizations
  • ✅ Creation and optimization of blog posts and other long-form content on the app’s website
  • Social Media Marketing on the appropriate platforms
  • Email Marketing infrastructure setup and management
  • ✅ User testing
  • ✅ A/B testing
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