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Management Knowledge And Agency Life

One of the things we find quintessential in any agency’s quality of success is its ability to not only manage clients but also the myriad work processes that go into serving them. What we mean is that for us, as ripplemark, our “Why”, our driving force, is to manage ‘ourselves’ as best as possible, because a well managed agency is one that can build lasting loyalty with its clients. Our aim is not to skyrocket ourselves to success overnight, things that last take time, and that’s the whole point. Rather, our mission is to grow our agency through a process that produces, learns, and reorganizes itself at every juncture of loss, gain or novelty. Every rippler here doesn’t just finish tasks or take care business as usual, they’re also taught to develop a keen interest in constant self learning which in turn better informs their work output. Digital marketing as a whole is an industry with moving parts faster than babies hopped up on candy, so if we can’t teach ourselves to receive, analyze and innovate from this vast wealth of knowledge around us, then what good are we to our clients? That’s why we call ourselves a ‘Learning Organisation,’ our ripplers don’t just post on social platforms or serve impressions, our ripplers read, read, read and evolve. “Knowledge has to be improved, challenged, and increased constantly, or it vanishes,” Peter Drucker.

One of the things we find particularly cumbersome in the strata of agencies working with SMBs in Egypt, the strata we find ourselves in, is that many clients seeking to be served by our ilk become mortified by the experience they receive in that line of ‘volume of services in relation to price’ level. Whether it’s bad management or an inability to set expectations and explain the nature of the work process (be it in ad buying, content creation, data management, customer journeys, etc…) it still washes off badly on the entire industry. This is exactly why we stress on the importance of sound management and knowledge formation, amongst ourselves and our clients.

We’re not entirely boring squares either, after all the Mad Man himself says “where people aren’t having fun, they seldom produce good work.” ripplemark thrives on chaos, that fun loving process which we all need in our lives, which in turn drives its creativity. However, with every chaotic process comes a time where we organize and render the chaos orderly and thus intelligible. In nature all innovations happen on the edge of chaos or in the space between chaos and order. It is in this ‘chaordic’ space that new connections are created and new possibilities emerge and it is in this space where we find ourselves ideally suited to grow, learn and teach.

“If each of us hires people who are smaller than we are, we shall become a company of dwarfs. But if each of us hires people who are bigger than we are, we shall become a company of giants.” David Ogilvy

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