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How Can Your
E-commerce Business Grow During The Corona Crisis?

so you’ve made it here! A formal welcome to our organization and our world of self-learning, digital marketing and culture driven people. We would love to serve your e-commerce business as best as we can!

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We know it sucks, we know the world is undergoing a massive socioeconomic paradigm shift and it’s affecting the entire planet on every level we can think of. Change is so ubiquitous, we’re sure even criminals and cartels are thinking what strategy to take in the middle of the corona crisis. As a digital marketing agency we are also in a position to think of how the world is going to impact us, our industry and clients. In terms of e-commerce and what seems to be a modern day plague, we predict changes that may turn out right or wrong. Only time will tell but one thing is certain, consumer behavior is about to change radically. According to Logistiek.nl , e-commerce is expected to grow by 50% worldwide, digital commerce also predicts a 52% rise in sales and many more treading the same line.

Coronavirus and e-commerce as a search term is yielding mixed results; some bloggers and industry experts are already reporting on the negative impact that’s affecting supply chains. ‘Made in China’ products that are used in supply chains, shipped across the globe or part of drop shipping business models are negatively impacting the flow of inputs across industries. Moreover, these disadvantages imposed on the e-commerce industry because of the virus are already a stark reality of manufacturing and logistics. In Egypt, data is still scarce and the blog posts and keywords ‘coronavirus and e-commerce Egypt’ aren’t in yet as bloggers and marketers are still scrambling to gather data from across the web to fit the reality of Egypt’s market.

We are self-learners

We measure everything

We are results & culture driven

At ripplemark, we’re trying to position ourselves positively as experts in e-commerce, helped by our knowledge of all digital marketing channels that work in harmony to analyze and monetize your store. To help any business in the MENA region drive traffic as well as understand how are people converting (or not) is our main mission. This page is dedicated to all of that. Scroll below and let us know how we can help your e-commerce business today.

We are honest about what we know AND what we don’t know, we take pride in our processes and proactive communication skills and above all, we believe that constant growth and education mindsets is what differentiates any organization. Measuring what matters in digital marketing is EVERYTHING. It is the height of results and demand driven efforts that impact bottom lines and justifies sound business decision making.

“While we’ll have to wait and see how much of a shock the coronavirus delivers to the economy, this is not a time for hesitation or a “wait and see” approach. Retailers will need to utilize and leverage all their assets to stimulate and sustain consumer demand — that includes maintaining and even boosting digital marketing efforts for the foreseeable future.” Greg Sterling, Search Engine Land

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