Mix and Match eCommerce Case Study

From Retail to Ecommerce: the Story of an Iconic Egyptian Brand

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I- MIX AND MATCH - Egyptian retail history

MIX AND MATCH is a fashion retail and ecommerce brand in Egypt that dares to go beyond the norm with their eclectic designs. Inspired by the cultural roots of Egypt, our planet, and the land we inhabit, it has come to represent a household name across many generations that know this iconic Egyptian clothing brand. Its founder, Shahira Fahmy, was born to parents who traveled often and so she became fascinated by the rich cultural heritages of the world. Feeling the need to build on the old, Fahmy revives the arts by presenting collections inspired by different parts of the world, while modernizing to suit our contemporary lives. In that way, Fahmy says: “The world became my inspiration with no boundaries”.

There’s a golden rule that has a bit of a cult-like following among marketers and it’s “no matter what you do, you can’t market a bad product.” Maybe you could back in the Mad Men days but today this is impossible. With MIX AND MATCH, we never thought we’d have that problem. One thing that instantly grabbed our attention and admiration was the sustainability of their production processes and value chains. In a world of fast fashion and wasteful consumption, their pieces stand out for their value for money as well as their longevity in your wardrobe. When you buy a MIX AND MATCH piece you are buying from a premium, socially responsible Egyptian brand.

Product Market Fit

II- Setting up an E-Commerce fashion brand for success

When we first met their management, they came to us with a set of challenges including optimizing their website for conversions implementing tracking and analytics tools, initiating, optimizing and enhancing their digital marketing, and increasing their sales revenues consistently and significantly.

The performance and growth marketing industry in Egypt is still in its infancy. As an agency that works with mostly startups and E-commerce brands in Egypt we’ve learned that challenges are the root of all growth. MIX AND MATCH had a massive problem of demand generation, their move into e-commerce was a gamble as Seif Fahmy put it initially.

As the General Manager of MIX AND MATCH, the aim was to find a marketing partner that understood the vision and ideology of our company; a partner who had the prowess to strategically drive our company to new levels of success in the e-commerce space, and ripplemark thrivingly met all these points. I am proud to have them as my marketing arm and partner.

As the great Tim Daly once put it, “I feel the need to endanger myself every so often.” That sort of spirit is a key aspect of all of ripplemark’s work: we believe that if we’re not pushing the boundaries to discover new tools, solutions and techniques, someone else is bound to beat us to it.

Naturally, when we were faced with the challenge of taking MIX AND MATCH to the next level, we were ready to take it head on.

III- A retail Egyptian fashion brand wins Ecommerce

The hardest part of our work with any client is the initial setup phase. This is where we ensure that all of our future work will be implemented, monitored, and tracked properly by putting in place all of our analytics tools, tracking events according to the user journey and marketing automation if needed. This stage is especially important for ecommerce stores. The MIX AND MATCH team was extremely supportive and flexible during this stage, something we ask of all of our clients to “help us help them”.

This is where the fun begins for us. After taking over MIX AND MATCH’s account and ensuring that both teams were on the same page when it comes to tracking, strategy, and branding, we immediately began creating and optimizing campaigns across Facebook, Google and a bit of organic work for the SERPS. This was coupled with constant monitoring and relentless optimization for their website and its conversion rates.

Within just 4 months (February – May 2021), we were able to:

Performance Marketing Results

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