Short sweet and to the point bio:

Omar is a 7 year old professional in the field of performance and growth marketing.

As Founder and Managing Director of ripplemark, he started off the boutique Cairo based agency doing very basic  social media marketing; eventually evolving into the various modalities of data driven, full funnel marketing.
Through the agency experience curve but also through his academic track record with the Digital Marketing Institute in Ireland; him and his team have helped companies of all sizes, in all verticals,
understand the fundamental importance of analytics infrastructure, correct marketing culture and setting realistic & measurable goals for growth. Omar is the holder of two Digital Marketing Institute in Ireland certifications; a CPD member with both CDMP and CDMM designations.

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ripplemark’s history (ripplemark always small r, reflects our underdog origins)

The idea of ripplemark was conceived after I noticed my freelance client base, love of professional communication and social media management.

Under Hammouda’s (Co-Founder & Managing Partner) guidance and advice, ripplemark moves in a small office RSM Egypt for incubation and broad patronage and support- managing a multitude of clients in basic social media marketing with 1 employee.

In 2015-2016 ripplemark got a huge push through referral work from The Qode Luxury PR agency in Dubai seeking to establish social media services for their luxury PR clients. This era ingrained a level of management and professionalism that fundamentally made ripplemark what it is today.

We noticed at this point that there is too much clutter in the agency landscape in Egypt. So many things are being confused for results driven marketing when they were not in our humble and ‘yet to be tested empirically’ opinion.

To us it seemed like creative production and the broad term social media were in need of supporting services that are in the realm of data driven marketing, and so we focused everything on learning performance marketing.

While we were learning e-commerce and performance as a general field, the concept of a Self-Learning organization that thrives on culture first and foremost gets introduced to the 3rd generation of employees- leadership improves and management theories of employee engagement become the driving force behind the big wins inside the agency.

In 2017-2018- ripplemark moves out of RSM and pays its dues (ground-floor depressing space, bad internet connections and we had to talk to clients in the street due to poor reception) The first culture code gets formally introduced + we create our first big digital marketing strategy under the training of the Digital Marketing Institute in Ireland.

In 2018-2019- Our training wheels get pulled off, The Qode pulls a huge rug from under us. Something that should have destroyed us (i.e. 50% of our income) 2018 – 2019 we acquired our first big corporate (Informa Exhibitions, still retained till today with 3-4 of their trade shows on average
falling in our hands) and ripplemark formally moves into performance marketing with its first e-commerce account, ElMazr3a ( we don’t mean to boast but we brought ElMazr3a from the grave as you can read in the case study.

In 2020 Corona allowed us to amp up our performance marketing chops and we quickly became known for being one of the only homegrown agencies in performance marketing in Egypt along other outliers in this niche space. Moreover, we begin to educate and do content marketing a lot more than we did before. Webinars, blog posts and e-books, our reputation became that of educators as well as being an agency. We have retained Source Beauty for 2 years, grew Mix and Match’s first push into ecomm and are their main strategy arm, are Thndr’s acquisition agency since last early 2020 and work with 15 more clients as well as created our first internal company through ripplemark, from website to digital,

ripplemarks’ credentials👉download here

Personal milestones:

Graduated from the Lycee Francais Du Caire in 2008 with a Bacalaureat in the Sciences, Specialization in Biology.
– Graduated from The American University in Cairo in Fall 2012 with a Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Political Science with a concentration on Middle East Studies and a History Minor. Cumulative GPA: 3.38/4.0 -2015

– Started ripplemark with no prior education in marketing as a beginner in content management for social media and dabbling in media buying

-2015 completed a Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing with the Digital Marketing Institute in Ireland

-2016 completed Google Squared Pre-Grad course in Digital leadership, marketing and strategic thinking.

-2017-18 completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing Strategy with the Digital Marketing Institute as well

– Consultant for Outreach Egypt, a program with the German Chamber of Commerce, GIZ, Ministry of Trade and Industry and the Digital Leadership Institute of Brussels. Spoke to female entrepreneurs as part of a subprogram aiming to nurture women’s role in micro and small businesses who were struggling with their marketing and conducted a day long workshop for micro business owners in Mansoura (find reference in attached in next page)

-Was invited to hold an ecommerce masterclass at the Ecommerce summit on scaling Facebooks Ads

-2019- 2020- wrote a thesis for the Masters Program with the DMI on Growth Marketing and Egyptian venture backed startups in seed and pre-seed stages, graduating with first division honors. You can access my thesis here

– 2021- Got certified by Growth Tribe Netherlands in Growth Marketing through their 12 Week immersive growth hacking course.

-2021- took everything cultural I’ve done for ripplemark and my love for books and self development and decided to pursue an educational passion project by creating videos on everything from marketing to psychology to mental health and more. Piloted 4 videos that were very well received, the end result of which was the creation of Takes One To Know One which got picked up by Waya Media and is currently a full fledged show produced by Waya Media.

Pictures👉download here

Consulting/Speaking experience👉here

Notable writings and op-eds

-The state of digital marketing in Egypt 2019- Published on ripplemark blog
-Opinion: Digital marketing in post-Covid-19 Egypt – Published on Menabytes
-What type of agency services do clients need- Published on Waya Media
-A Review of Digital Marketing in Egypt- 2021 updated version Published on ripplemark blog

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