You don't have to search on Google to learn digital marketing...

There are countless resources out there to help you learn about the intricacies of digital marketing. The problem with all of these resources is that trying to find the right information can become overwhelming in this vast ocean of digital marketing courses, how-to guides, and knowledge around our industry.

This is where we come in. We’re on a constant journey of self-education; this is how our agency started and the single most important aspect of our company culture, and we’re constantly sharing our best finds, curated content from digital marketing experts across the globe, and advice, tips, and tricks derived from our experience in the Egyptian and global markets.

Whether you’re in eCommerce, app marketing, B2B, F&B, or almost any other digitally-native or data-driven vertical, bookmark this page for a constant stream of actionable tips and guides to help you grow and scale your business the right way.

Social Media Agencies Overpromise

💻📲🤦‍♂️Why Some Social Media Agencies in Egypt Overpromise & Underdeliver

Table of Contents 6 years ago, when we first started ripplemark, digital marketing in Egypt was still in its infancy ...
Digital Marketing in Egypt Review

A Review of Digital Marketing in Egypt

Table of Contents With the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve seen a meteoric rise in the number of companies ...
Mix and Match eCommerce Case Study

From Retail to Ecommerce: the Story of an Iconic Egyptian Brand

Table of Contents I- MIX AND MATCH - Egyptian retail history MIX AND MATCH is a fashion retail and ecommerce ...
FB Shopping & Tracking Conversions

📰🚨✍️ The Latest Facebook Ads Test and Its Impact on Your Ecommerce Store

Table of Contents The Facebook Ads test that will shift the online shopping paradigm Facebook is slowly rolling out their ...
Start your career in digital marketing

How to Start Your Career in Digital Marketing 👌

Table of Contents This blog post is dedicated to a webinar we held on how to get started if you ...
Digital marketing for startups

Digital Marketing for Startups 💻📱

Table of Contents Congratulations, you’ve studied the market, worked on your product, managed to push forward a minimum viable product, ...
Future of Digital Marketing in Egypt

The Future of Digital Marketing in Egypt – a 2020 Perspective 📈

As we were kicking off our agency’s series in digital marketing infotainment videos, it got us thinking why did we ...
Digital Marketing Outsourcing

Should You Outsource Your Digital Marketing? 👥

Table of Contents We’re a digital marketing agency so this might be biased, but lots of the people who work ...
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Sales Funnel

💡Confused about your approach to Facebook Ads? Download our eBook that will guide you through the fundamentals of scaling an Ad account on Facebook.

iOS Changes

📱With iOS 14 Facebook advertisers must prepare for a media buying paradigm with less data visibility and enhanced privacy. In this e-book our performance team has prepared a concise guide on the changes in the ecosystem.

How to Conduct User Tests

📝We’ve put together the following guide: to enrich the market’s understanding of user tests and the importance of product-market fit, and to provide a simple, easy to use guide that shows you how to properly conduct user tests.

Guide to Google Analytics 4

This Google Analytics 4 eBook is designed to demystify a broad range of Google Analytics 4 features and configurations such as measurement strategy, reporting, implementation, and optimization.