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How to Start Your Career in Digital Marketing 👌

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This blog post is dedicated to a webinar we held on how to get started if you don’t know how to start in digital marketing, by people who have started their careers from scratch with no prior marketing experience or knowledge.

As ripplemark, one of our goals is to help Egyptian marketers who are aiming to enter the digital realm or professionals shifting careers from traditional marketing to digital- and obviously anyone interested in the field. How to start your career in digital marketing and its less dense keyword sibling “digital marketing course” ,as shown below, is a skyrocketing search term in 2020 and it’s not surprising to see this interest in a country where the data and technology awakening is underway.

Digital Marketing Courses Search Traffic

Digital marketing career, how we did it at ripplemark

As a “self learning digital organization”, we started from 0 in digital- literally a David and Goliath story. We had very little knowledge of technical, full funnel, measurement based marketing and today we manage almost every channel in digital marketing and know it inside out. Our experience in ‘learning on the go’ will be of great value to anyone who wants to cut to the chase and learn the correct path of least resistance. However, that path requires serious learning and upskilling.

How to start your career in digital marketing, topics covered in the webinar

  • What’s digital marketing and how it is different from traditional marketing- all the various channels in digital.
  • The different roles you can have as a digital marketeer (courses you can take).
  • Becoming a digital marketing academic as an option.
  • Learning strategy.
  • Advising you on self learning methodology – how to teach yourself anything.
  • The concept of a generalist in a specialized world.
  • Which books you should read- some notable people to follow.

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