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Should You Outsource Your Digital Marketing? 👥

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We’re a digital marketing agency so this might be biased, but lots of the people who work here have also worked in corporates, and we sat down with them and took notes on what they think is best for a client’s business rationally and objectively (I bet you already know where this is heading).

Marketing Requires Diverse Skills

Like other fields, Digital Marketing has branched out to amass a wide range of skill sets and unfortunately those skills don’t come easy. You might ask what are the services of a marketing agency and why isn’t it that simple?

A Digital Marketing agency will have people working in Design, Photography, SEO, Account Management, Product Development and Paid Ads, but as a small or medium-sized business, you can’t hire all of those as individuals. So, more often than usual, you’ll end up hiring a Developer and an Account Manager with a background in marketing who can juggle between those skills, and many times the job is overwhelming because, let’s face it, that’s a 6 man show.

Marketing is All About Testing

You might think that Facebook ads are best for your business because that’s where everyone is, so you hire someone with a background in that channel to take care of your company’s ads, but what if it doesn’t work -assuming of course that you’ve tested multiple times with different targets and different creatives? What if your audience isn’t converting because your website needs conversion rate optimization, do you fire the guy? Does your budget afford another employee?

Agency services are usually a lump sum, so you could get 5 of those services for the salary of 2 of your full-time employees.

What Does a Digital Marketing Agency Do?

Every account is assigned to a dedicated Account Manager who’s skills and background are related in some way or another to your business for better performance, but that Account Manager doesn’t do the work alone, he’s a part of a team of experts who are great at what they do individually and, in most cases, handle not less than 4 accounts at any given time. This gives the team charged with your account better knowledge about what works and what doesn’t, and obviously this is a lot better than the tunnel perspective where you go by the norms of the industry and stick to your strategy regardless of what is best for you. So you’re basically paying for the agency’s experience.

For example, your dedicated Account Manager can be a B2B wizard that knows how the sales funnel usually works and what channels are best for your business. So, instead of wasting time arguing about campaign ideas that might be fun to do, he might suggest adopting an inbound marketing strategy because he has enough experience to back it up and avoid wasting precious time and money.


What if you had an in-house Performance Marketing Manager who got to look at the same numbers everyday, that’s part of the job but it might get a bit boring -and yes being unchallenged is a main reason people tend to change their jobs. On the other hand, lots of people here say they prefer being in charge of more than one account which ultimately pushes them forward and challenges their creativity while also getting to learn from the other departments they work with everyday.

That’s not saying that agencies don’t have turn over, of course they do but because you deal with an entire team, when someone leaves, someone else takes over to fill his position and to cause the least possible friction.

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