Lead Generation Service for Real Estate, B2B & SaaS

Empower your sales teams by providing thousands of highly qualified leads within your target market.

Lead Generation Service
for Real Estate, B2B & SaaS

The nature of B2B and real estate customer journeys is wholly different from B2C. In both cases, you’re convincing experienced professionals to buy your high-value product or service, and that creates a strong need for proper content and inbound marketing to convince your prospects of your viability to them, as well as your position as an authority within your industry. When we work with a lead generation client, whether it’s a professional service firm, real estate developer, or a SaaS client selling an online product that requires significant buy-in, we make sure to thoughtfully map out the marketing and sales funnel as well as set realistic expectations as to when this funnel will bear fruit.

Especially when it comes to SaaS and B2B marketing, in a cross channel digital environment, one of the most important aspects is content marketing. We write professional, unique content for websites so that they rank highly on Google and other search engines, as well as position themselves as thought leaders in their respective field.

Our lead generation service can help you ensure that for your B2B, SaaS, or real estate business, all of the above is laid out and in motion so that you can empower your sales teams with thousands of highly qualified leads that will eventually convert into loyal customers and brand advocates.

Lead Generation

Why Not Any of the Other Agencies that Provide Lead Generation Services in Egypt?

We’re not the only agency in Egypt that provides a proper lead generation service and is truly data-driven and self-learning (two hallmarks of any great marketing agency), and you could easily take your business elsewhere and find any of the stellar professionals in the country who offer a solid lead generation service…

However, aside from our proven track record of consistently positive results, we like to think that a lot of the value that we provide to clients as an agency lies in these two areas:

  • Transparency: One of the biggest reasons for our success is that we don’t treat our clients as mere clients. We aspire to become an integrated part of their marketing teams, helping them fuel their brands to success. To achieve this, one of our main tenets as an agency is to always be transparent with our clients. No. Matter. What. As our value proposition goes, we aim to put clients in a state of comfort over their marketing, and that involves not being afraid to raise a flag when a threat is identified, or owning up to mistakes when they happen. This is how we intend to grow our agency: hand-in-hand with our clients’ growth.
  • Self-Learning: We’re a self-learning agency, and that benefits our clients in two ways. The first, and most obvious, is that we’re constantly learning about the latest updates that affect our work, from algorithmic changes to new ad platform features and frameworks, so we consistently become better-equipped to help our clients grow their businesses in the most efficient way possible. The second benefit this gives our clients is that we’re not greedy with our knowledge. We love sharing knowledge with our clients, and we make it a point to ensure that every ripplemark client is constantly learning about our work so that they not only understand the results we bring them, but the efforts that go into generating these results.

What’s Included in Our Lead Generation Service?

Lead Generation for B2B & SaaS Clients