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Are you looking for the right entry level degrees in digital marketing in Egypt? Are you looking to enhance your knowledge in other digital marketing fields such as SEO, Email Marketing, Analytics, Paid Ads, etc, to open more digital marketing job opportunities for yourself. If your answer is yes then keep on reading!

In the five years we’ve been operating we’ve always been asked by candidates why they were not a correct fit for a job they applied for, whether at ripplemark or in any other agency. With that being said, in this blog we recommend what we believe are essential degrees in digital marketing that will give aspiring candidates a thorough overview of the industry and help enhance your knowledge of the different fields in performance and full funnel digital marketing. These courses will not, however, make you an expert in one channel of digital but will give you a great understanding of each channel separately and how they work together to achieve a business’s main objective in digital. We do not advise you to take these courses if you will put in minimal effort as these courses are expensive and require hard work and dedication from your side. Also, one thing a digital marketing novice needs to understand is that digital marketing is not something that can be taught in a few months. So even after you receive your certification you will need to constantly READ, listen to PODCASTS, apply for channel specific courses, etc. Being an entry level digital marketing professional is a constant self-learning and personal development process.

Without further ado, listed below you will find the 2 entry level degrees in digital marketing that we personally recognize at our company and highly recommend to anyone who wants to start their career in digital marketing or digital marketers who are looking for the essential digital degrees in digital marketing to help give their career a push to the right direction.

Essential Digital Marketing Degrees

1- Squared Online Digital Marketing Course

Duration: 5-months

Description: The course will help educate you on digital technology, and the best ways to use it in marketing and how to execute ideas in the most effective way. The course will also get you to collaborate with your peers and teach you the core leadership skills.

40% of the google squared course focuses on developing you as a digital leader not just a marketer

Module 1: Embracing Change

Explains the importance of a digital marketing plan and the way adopting digital-first behaviors help businesses advance in the digital age.

Module 2: Customer-Centricity

Provides you with the required frameworks to design your customer journey and help you facilitate effective strategies.

Module 3: Digital Channel Technologies

Exposes you to a large number of engagement channels like display, video, and search.

Module 4: Data, Analytics, and Single Customer

Introduces you to Google Analytics and concepts such as attribution modeling to learn to assess, evaluate, and interpret data.

Module 5: Creating Change

Recaps the course learnings and contextualises them into actionable routes of target-market engagement.

2- Digital Marketing Institute (DMI) Pro Certification

Duration: 30-hours of digital marketing course content- all year round access to material on the interface – final examination certificate.

Description: the course will help you master the essential tools of digital marketing with live support and world class tutors .There are ten comprehensive modules in the program that cover all the disciplines involved in best practice digital marketing.


1- Introduction to Digital Marketing

Understand the purpose and core principles of digital marketing, develop clear objectives, gain audience and industry insight.

2- Content Marketing

Gain the knowledge to execute a content marketing plan in a data-driven and persona oriented manner.

3- Social Media Marketing

Get introduced to the key platforms in digital marketing, how to develop data-driven audience and campaign insights, and create and optimize social media campaigns.

4- Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Build an organic search marketing strategy that brings the correct visitors to your website.

5- Paid Search (PPC) using Google Ads

Understand the key concepts in bid auctions, how to manage budgets, and how to optimize paid search campaigns.

6- Display and Video Advertising

Learn the ad formats available in the Google Display Network (GDN), YouTube and learn how to set up and manage campaigns.

7- Email Marketing

Understand the concepts of segmentation, personalization, timing, and engagement.

8- Website Optimization

Explore how to build and publish a well-designed, high-performing and optimized website that is aligned to your business goals.

9- Analytics Using Google Analytics

Discover what your customer wants and needs by going deep inside their user journey so you can understand their path to purchase.

10- Digital Marketing Strategy

Understand the Fundamentals of a digital strategy, how to set objectives and correct KPIs, how to develop a creative strategy, and how to execute your strategy.

Affordable Digital Marketing Courses

If these digital marketing certifications are currently above your budget we advise you to visit Coursera or Lynda and browse through the variety of short courses on their platform. The courses will not be as detailed as the ones mentioned above but still offer great value. We also suggest that you check out our educational content on our website.

At ripplemark, we are always looking for the right individuals with the right qualifications to join our growing team. So head right on to our careers section on our website and apply to our open positions.

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