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Social Media Agencies Overpromise

💻📲🤦‍♂️Why Some Social Media Agencies in Egypt Overpromise & Underdeliver

6 years ago, when we first started ripplemark, digital marketing in Egypt was still in its infancy.

FB Shopping & Tracking Conversions

📰🚨✍️ The Latest Facebook Ads Test and Its Impact on Your Ecommerce Store

Facebook is slowly rolling out their newest test on Facebook Ads. If you’re one of the lucky few digital marketers who are part of the beta test, you should be thanking your lucky stars!

Fastly Global Network Outage

Catastrophic CDN Disruption Hit the Global Network 😱💻🌏

Fastly, the american content delivery network company, has reported a problem in their CDN services affecting major websites.

ios 14 update facebook ads

How Can Apple’s iOS 14 Release Affect Your Facebook Ads 🍎

Apple has announced upcoming changes to be introduced in the new iOS 14 that will impact how Facebook receives and processes events.