Avoid costly mistakes with our digital marketing consultation. Starting from EGP 8K.

SMBs in Egypt can start off on the wrong foot in many marketing-related services

Who is this consultation for?

  1. Small businesses that are just starting off.
  2. Businesses that have reached a ceiling with their growth.
  3. Businesses that are involved with freelancers or agencies that aren’t delivering results.
  4. Businesses that simply need a different perspective on their growth.

This two-three hour business consultation will help you move the needle in the right direction

Audit Consultation

  • In-session audit of any mistakes in your digital assets (analytics, media buying, email marketing, social media,etc)
  • Email recap of session

Premium Consultation

  • In-session audit of any mistakes in your digital assets (analytics, media buying, email marketing, social media,etc)
  • Email recap of session
  • Action plan presentation with tons of resources and frameworks
  • 30-minute follow up requested at any point after the audit

What have previous audits done to our clients?

Benefits of a digital marketing consultation with ripplemark?

Quickly spot & understand of:

Correct KPIs & digital analytics

Problems with your website’s experience

Paid Consultation Service

Unnecessary or incorrect services

Your social media output

This audit session will be conducted by Omar El Sabh

Omar El Sabh is the Founder and Managing Director of ripplemark Egypt. He started off his career having little to no knowledge (theoretically and practically) in digital marketing and is now the holder of two Digital Marketing Institute in Ireland certifications; a CPD member, with both the CDMP & CDMM designations.

As part of his CDMM, El Sabh’s thesis with the Institute focused on growth-driven startups within the Egyptian venture-backed ecosystem during pre-seed and seed stages. His work and writings mostly focus on organizational culture, data-driven marketing and growth mindsets; one of his favorite quotes is “people will never go out of business,” by Michael Scott, The Office.’

ripplemark Private Digital Consultation

During the audit session Omar will be calling upon ripplemark’s finest to help in specific technical areas.

Who might be called upon?

Mohamed Hammouda

Mohamed Hammouda


Business Consultant & CFA
Lojaina Azzam

Lojaina Azzam

Head of Account Management

Certified Communication Specialist
Nahla Hani

Nahla Hani

Marketing Technology & Development Officer

Certified Google Analytics
Mousa Ammar

Mousa Ammar

Search Engine Marketing Expert

Certified Google Analytics & Ads

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