📝📱🛒How to Conduct User Tests

For Your Startup, App, or Ecommerce Store

User Testing Guide

Conducting user tests can help you achieve PMF

Product-Market Fit (PMF) is one of the most critical factors for any startup taking its first steps. A good PMF means that your business or brand has successfully identified the right target consumer to serve with the right product. The overwhelming majority of startups, apps, and ecommerce stores are either unaware of or have not yet achieved PMF. While there are many ways to measure PMF qualitatively or quantitatively, one of the better ways to bring in both types of data, in our experience, is to conduct user tests.

Proper user testing can help your startup answer questions such as:

  • It helps you identify why users are not clicking through your website.
  • It helps you identify the areas of improvement in your website that can help you increase ROI and other key metrics.
  • It helps you identify how your target user or consumer’s tastes and behaviors differ from other businesses.
  • It helps you identify what changes or enhancements you should prioritize above others within your app, product or website.
  • It helps you identify the factors that affect consumer perception of your brand or product.

It’s fair to say that proper user tests are extremely important for businesses taking their first steps, especially when it comes to ecommerce and app startups. This is why we’ve put together the following guide: to enrich the market’s understanding of user tests and the importance of product-market fit, and to provide a simple, easy to use guide that shows you how to properly conduct user tests. We’ve also included some user test templates and examples to help you kick off your first round of testing as soon as possible!

In this e-book, we show you how to conduct user tests and answer the following questions:

  • ✅ What are user tests?
  • ✅ Why should you conduct user tests?
  • ✅ What are the different types of user tests?
  • ✅ How do you curate a user test?
  • ✅ What are the best practices for user tests?