An online farmer's market in Egypt on the brink of collapse until we came in with performance marketing.


El Mazr3a is an online farmers market supplying only certified, grade A premium produce and high quality products in Egypt.

Client retained: 1.5 years

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Case Studies- Elmazr3a- Background
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The Challenge

El Mazra3a’s ecommerce website was built using Wix, a cloud-based web development platform that limits advanced optimization technology and website architecture manipulations.

The client’s main objectives were to increase sales and awareness about ElMazr3a’s produce as well as the brands USPs. When El Mazr3a came to us they were barely selling their goods and were involved with a social media agency promising them vanity KPIs with no tangible uplift in sales. 

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Case Studies- Elmazr3a- The Problem
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The Solution

Since ElMazr3a required a complete visual and digital makeover, ripplemark held a department wide – Social Media Marketing, Paid Advertising, Graphic Design, and Copywriting– meeting to assess where the client is at as opposed to where they want to be.

Each aspect of the customer journey was tested by placing several mock orders and assessing in full the client’s digital assets. After analysis and extensive research, a quarterly digital marketing strategy was created for ElMazr3a with specific, measurable objectives that are aligned with the client’s requirements, assets and set budget.

ripplemark explained thoroughly to the client that in order to increase awareness and sales for ElMazr3a a complete makeover for both social media and the website needed to be done. Said makeover includes revamping all the brand’s visual elements to reflect its USPs, rearranging and tweaking the Wix website, placing all the necessary tracking tools and building a proper sales funnel through the creation
and implementation of a proper digital marketing strategy.

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Case Studies- Elmazr3a- The Solution
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The Outcome

  • Website bounce rate went down from 82.2% to 25.9 % in less than 6 months after the new makeover launch on the website.
  • Increased ROAS every month from 3% to above 10%.
  • ElMazr3a’s social went from 2k followers to 15.8k on Instagram and from 12K to 33K on Facebook.
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