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Growth & Performance Marketing Done Right

As one of the few performance & growth marketing agencies in Egypt, we focus on the hard metrics and forget vanity and fluff. We provide businesses with the tools and understanding they need to implement a marketing infrastructure that understands the nature of full funnel performance.

The strength of our team and our culture lies in an ever-evolving set of core competencies nimbly combined and refined into a custom solution for our clients and their brands.

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Performance Marketing Services

Helping you keep up with the ever-changing world of advertising & marketing by creating an ad buying plan for your unique business on relevant websites, apps and other digital platforms.

Starting with research, analysis and planning all the way to implementing, ripplemark combines strategic planning & advanced digital tools with consumer psychology to instigate the tactical allocation of investment across the different media platforms and channels in order to ensure the campaigns we’re launching deliver the greatest value for both brand and consumer.

Assisting brands in reaching virtually anyone and everyone on two of the biggest social media platforms in the world, Facebook & Instagram, through meticulous targeting backed up by creative content.

  • Building & increase brand awareness.
  • Attaining high engagement rates.
  • Creating a strong fanbase.

Driving sales and awareness towards businesses that offer & sell products or services online through strategic planning, laser-focused targeting, a creative content marketing plan on relevant digital channels.

What’s included?

  • Implementation of marketing & tracking technology.
  • Paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram & Google.
  • Paid & organic search engine optimization.

Converting prospects online into qualified leads who show interest in a business’s product or service through leveraging marketing tactics and setting up the right micro and macro conversions to make sure you reach your ultimate goal.

What’s included?

  • Implementation of marketing & tracking technology.
  • Paid & organic search engine optimization.
  • Creation of landing page to gather leads.

Communicating with target audience at every stage of the funnel, from discovering your app, to downloading it, all the way to keeping them engaged through creating campaigns designed to attract new customers, improve retention, and finally decrease churn rates.

What’s included?

  • Implementation of marketing & tracking technology.
  • Paid advertising on Facebook, Instagram & Google.

Whether your goal is to generate sales, increase engagement, drive website traffic, or even help out your target audience, long-form copywriting is a big task so let us help you with it. Broaden your online success with original, captivating copy that ranges from blog posts all the way to full-scale ebooks written by our team of skilled copywriters. ripplemark provides copywriting services to brand across all industries and divisions, including marketing, travel, business, fashion, education, entertainment, health care and a lot more.


Do you have a piece of content and in need of another set of skilled-eyes? Let us help you refine and enhance your content so you can confidently publish it.

Blog Posts

Upgrade your content and SEO game with professionally written blog posts and highlight relevant content that will build brand awareness and get your brand noticed by customers who have been searching for what you have to offer while continuously driving new customers to your website.


From a simple idea to outline, to draft, to final copy. Our eBook writing service will provide you with an impactful eBook that informs and educates your target audience while serving certain commercial objectives at the same time. A dedicated copywriter will work with you every step of the way to ensure the material and overall theme matches your content strategy.

Video has revolutionized the web and proven to be the king of all content types with social platforms favoring it over all other content formats. Explainer Videos is a fun, engaging, entertaining and most importantly educating way to introduce an idea to your audience. These types of videos can help in building identities, conveying messages, or generating sales in a story-telling manner.

The head start you’ve been looking for; a 360 view of your industry, where you stand and your next steps.

Developing a digital marketing plan will help you identify what makes your business unique and how to reach the right audience using the right channels with the right message.

Basic Strategy

Take a deep dive into your USPs and find the right tone of voice & online personality for your brand. Our Basic Strategy analyzes your competition, breaks down your buyer personas and sets the right ground for your content plan as well as your execution & media buying efforts.

Half- Scale Strategy

The best of both worlds. Our Half Scale Strategy is ideal for business owner who want a substantial view of their industry, current standing and way forward bearing in mind your business objectives. Our Half Scale Strategy includes a detailed analysis of your goals and brand standing, buyer personas, SWOT analysis, competitive analysis, creative campaigns, content buckets, media buying strategy & recommendations.

Full- Scale Strategy

Let’s talk about data. This is a full-on, expansive strategy that will guide all of your digital efforts on recommended platforms keeping in mind the history and latest changes in your industry. Our Full Scale Strategy includes primary & secondary research, buyer personas, SWOT analysis, detailed competitive analysis, creative campaigns, detailed content strategy, media buying strategy and recommendations, all finely tailored to assure your brand’s success.

Email marketing is a personalized way of reaching your target audience with the right message in the right time. We make sure to tailor Email Marketing campaigns to the interests of your customers with attention to their stage in the funnel. By providing relevant, digestible content, a creative layout and sending out emails in peak hours, Email Marketing will prove to be an invaluable tool in your digital arsenal.

Increase your business’s visibility in search results on Google through our SEO services; acquiring a high google rank saves you money and builds trust with your customers who are searching organically for your business.

SEO Audit

Start off your efforts with an expansive SEO audit to see where you currently stand as well as where your competition stands. We evaluate your website from an SEO perspective, looking at where it excels and where it could use improvements.

One off on-Page Optimization Services

We make sure both the visible and invisible data on your website are optimized to increase your Google rank.

Ongoing SEO Monitoring & Optimization

In order to make sure you keep up and increase your ranking, you might want to opt for your progressive SEO service in order for us to maintain and continuously amp up your SEO score with monthly progress reports.

Building your entire digital strategy and media buying funnel.

For clients who do not have any historical data and are looking to become autonomous with their marketing efforts; our Digital Infrastructure plan in the ideal solution.

In 3 months, we take the time to tailor your digital strategy according to your business’s maturation stage, set up your digital analytics & tracking systems as well as buy media to feed your funnel. By the end of your time with ripplemark, you can independently carry on our efforts and remain sure that you are on the right path to fast-track your growth.

In just 3 months you will get:

  • Digital marketing strategy.
  • Website audit.
  • Tracking & analytics set up.
  • 3 Social editorial calendars.
  • Media buying & ad optimization.
  • Funnel structure.
  • 3 Blog posts (if applicable).

Our Digital Understanding

We ensure a seamless acquisition and growth process for our clients.
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Map out where your customers are now, where we want them to be

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Objectives & KPI Setting

Structured thinking to set goals & measure progress

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The Right Ad Campaign

Choosing campaigns that appeal best when received by your target audience

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Market & Target Research

Minimize risk with thorough market research

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Monitoring & Analysis

To reinvest in improving your campaign, or call it quits and focus on new ones