your online store

A webinar on how to understand the digital marketing requirements needed
for your store’s success.

Wednesday, July15th | 1pm CLT

Do you still promote your online store by boosting from the Instagram app? Are you unable to figure out crucial integrations needed to track sales?

This webinar is perfect for store owners who have to wrap their head around all analytics tracking and paid advertisement efforts needed to make the right decisions with regards to increasing visibility and sales. Webinar will be held in English and Arabic over roughly two hours. Only 100 seats available.

Why would you be interested?

As a “self learning digital organization”, we started from 0 in digital- literally a David and Goliath story. We had very little knowledge of technical, full funnel, measurement based marketing and today we manage almost every channel in digital marketing and know it inside out. Our experience and our Founder’s experience in particular will be of great value to anyone who wants to cut to the chase and learn the correct path of least resistance.

What are we going to discuss?

Your Host

Omar El Sabh

Managing Director and Founder of ripplemark Egypt

Our Founder Omar El Sabh is a political science graduate who didn’t study marketing at all but taught himself everything. He was lucky to be surrounded by the right people and circumstances and in turn taught the ripplers how to be ripplers. It took us 5 years to get to where we are today and we want to make the journey easier on those who want to make the transition or start in digital marketing. We’ll be talking from experience as experts in the field and not from textbooks, showing you the path that awaits you in the simplest way possible and the extent of learning and nerd-ing you need to go through to get there.

Business Skills and Qualifications