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Facebook Referrals Traffic Attribution

💻📊📈 How to Attribute Your Facebook Referral Traffic on Google Analytics

If you’ve been wondering why your GA and FB dashboards may be showing some slight discrepancies…

Mix and Match eCommerce Case Study

From Retail to Ecommerce: the Story of an Iconic Egyptian Brand

The performance and growth marketing industry in Egypt is still in its infancy. As an agency that works with mostly startups and E-commerce brands in Egypt we’ve learned …

Conversion Rate Optimization in Egypt

Conversion Rate Optimization in Egypt 📢

We have been introducing CRO and Growth marketing tactics and services to our client base. The latter resulting in great retention rates that keep our bottom line happy.

Growth Hacking & Performance Marketing

Growth Hacking vs Performance Marketing, What’s the Difference? 📖

The terms “performance marketing” and “growth hacking” have been used interchangeably in the digital marketing space in Egypt, for quite some time.