How We Can Band Together During COVID-19

How We Can Band Together During The COVID-19 Crisis 👈

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Now more than ever, all of humanity needs to work hand-in-hand to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

In the midst of this humanitarian global crisis we feel that using our expertise in Digital Marketing is the best way to help give back to our society and communities. This blog post’s intention is to compile a list of small organizations and private individual efforts that don’t have the luxury of being top-of-mind in terms of mass awareness. It will be promoted via Facebook and Instagram ads for more reach and hopefully for people to take action. Please read below for more information.

With how prevalent Coronavirus news and awareness campaigns are in Egypt nowadays, it should be common knowledge at this point that everyone should stay at home and only leave their homes in cases of emergency -sorry, your morning coffee run doesn’t count here.
However, while many of us are blessed with the luxury of being able to spend weeks, or even, God forbid, months living comfortably without worrying where our next meal is going to come from, the overwhelming majority of Egyptians cannot afford to do so. Thus, the responsibility falls on us, the privileged few, to provide support to our community and our compatriots in this time of crisis.

So again, to do our part, we’ve compiled a list of contacts who are currently working tirelessly to provide support for those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic. While we all know the main charitable organizations such as the Egyptian Food Bank, Resala, and the like, we want to give some exposure to the smaller efforts from orphanages, charities, and community outreach driven by people like you and I.

Our hearts go out to everyone who has been touched by the current crisis, and we urge everyone who is capable of providing support to these organizations and philanthropists to do so. We’re all, quite literally, in this together.

Disclaimer: none of the organizations or individuals below are financially affiliated with ripplemark. All sponsoring is done from our agency’s personal finances. 

Contact List of Small Organizations:

1- FACE for Children in Need

FACE’s mission is to assist and protect orphans, street children, their families and communities in Egypt.


+20 114 4442490

2- مؤسسة الوداد الخيرية مصر WedadEgypt

A charitable organization that helps orphaned children providing integrated care for them distinguished by their quality and an educational and scientific approach. Wedad provides temporary shelter for children and assigns them to foster families.


+20 127 999 8678

3- Neya Foundation

Due to the recent weather conditions Neya will be fundraising to rebuild rooftops for the unprivileged and build ones for those who never had to begin with. Click to learn more.

Neya is giving you the chance to donate to the people in need to aid them in purchasing the necessary hygiene products needed to stay as healthy as possible. Click to learn more.

Neya is also helping animal shelters in a time where some people are leaving their pets out on the streets for the feat that they transmit the Coronavirus. Pets do not transmit Covid-19 according to the World Health Organization. Click to learn more.



4- The Littlest Lamb

A non-profit organization that serves orphans and at risk children in Egypt.


5- Man ahyaha من أحياها

Education, community schools in upper egypt, that puts great effort in reaching villages with no schools.



6- جمعية مصر لحماية المرأة والطفل

The association targets girls at risk and protects them from the unfavorable environment in which they grew up since 1906 .



7- Fard Foundation

This entity started as a group of volunteers with a vision of “Investing in Humans” regardless of their age, race or religion. Now Fard is a leading NGO working with refugees and Egyptians to help them reach their full potential through 3 different programs.



8- Tawasol for Developing Istabl Antar NGO – جمعية تواصل لتنمية اسطبل عنتر

Tawasol’s first step towards the roots of poverty in the area in 2008 was to build a school to educate children whose parents had otherwise put them to work in sweatshops. The objective of the school is to educate children both academically and practically.

9- جمعية بداية للأعمال الخيرية – Bedaya Charity Organization

Funding shelter projects and clean water supply to houses in small villages.

For direct donations deposit in CIB account 300 300.


10- وحدة تعليم الصم الكنيسة الاسقفية ، The Deaf Unit Episcopal Church

Their vision is to improve the quality of life for hearing impaired children and families through education and gain financial independence. To provide opportunities to encourage learning between the hearing and deaf populations so that the deaf become more integrated into everyday society.



11- Resalet Nour 3ala Nour Charity organization

Resalet Nour organization operates in poor areas in the south of Giza and Fayom serving hundreds of poor families irrespective of race and religion. They hold a data-base of more than 1500 studies; orphans, elderly, un-supported people, hard medical cases etc.. You CAN make a change with a simple contribution.

To donate on their website: or through phone 01228602602



12- بنفسك وبأيدك

The above contact works with an outreach program headed by Ahmed Ezzat & Mohamed Gamal. You get to go yourself to disenfranchised areas and communities and help out in terms of giving back. Donations in kind or cash which you can give directly (or indirectly by contacting the organizers), spending time with orphans, giving out food yourself as well, etc. is what differentiates this charitable work. They are currently downplaying this aspect however because of the crisis we’re all in but are accepting all donations to help their communities in this time of desperate need.


Talaat Jimmy +20 100 444 9540

Contact list of people doing private community outreach as individuals:

1- Contact: Deena Dessouky 01114002001


The above contact works and describes their charitable work as the following:

“Even though many of us are fortunate enough to stay home or work from home during this tough time, we do represent the minority of Egyptians who are able to do so. The biggest majority-daily workers, microbus drivers, construction workers etc… cannot afford to do so as they depend on their daily income to provide their families with basic needs. It is not because ‘they are unaware of the dangers presented to them and their families’, nor because ‘they are uneducated’ that they are still leaving their house; it is because they have no other choice. In light of this, I am collecting money for 50 families living in Ezbet Khairallah (an informal settlement near Dar el Salam) who have either lost their job, or are struggling to meet their daily income due to the current situation. 900 LE can sustain a family of 4 for about a month. If you would like to donate any amount, please contact me and I will pass by you or can meet you to collect the money. Thank you. If anything this virus is teaching us, is that we are all connected and stronger together.”

The below contacts are working to provide relief to under-privilged families without a stable income.

Please contact them for donations in order to provide each family in poor areas with EGP 500 to live with dignity during the current situation.

1- Dina A Hamed (6th of October)


2- Dalia El Hazek (October)


3- Farida Khamis (Kattameya)


4- Shewekar Elgharably (Zamalek)


5- Dalia Elleithy (Zamalek)


6- Sara Khalil (Zamalek)


7- Yasmin Agaty (Zamalek)


The below contact prepares essential food bags as well as provides hygiene products for people in need.

Please contact him to make donations.

Kareem Auf


This list is constantly updated with more contacts who are giving a helping hand in this difficult time.

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