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December Surprise: Google Services Are Down 💤

Never a dull day in 2020 -seems like the world’s having trouble accessing Gmail, G Suite, Youtube and other Google Services.

What Netflix's Social Dilemma Gets Wrong

What Netflix’s Social Dilemma Gets Wrong ⭐

Seeing the amount of people on my social feeds comment on how mind blowing Netflix’s latest documentary The Social Dilemma is.

The Effect of Facebook latest API changes on your web pages

Facebook Latest API Changes Will Break Your Website Pages 😮

Unexpected API change will take place, Facebook and Instagram will be dropping support of unauthenticated oEmbeds on October 24th.

How We Can Band Together During COVID-19

How We Can Band Together During The COVID-19 Crisis 👈

In the midst of this humanitarian global crisis we feel that using our expertise in Digital Marketing is the best way to help give back to our society.