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Fastly Global Network Outage

Catastrophic CDN Disruption Hit the Global Network 😱💻🌏

Fastly, the american content delivery network company, has reported a problem in their CDN services affecting major websites.

ios 14 update facebook ads

How Can Apple’s iOS 14 Release Affect Your Facebook Ads 🍎

Apple has announced upcoming changes to be introduced in the new iOS 14 that will impact how Facebook receives and processes events.

ripplemark google down

December Surprise: Google Services Are Down 💤

Never a dull day in 2020 -seems like the world’s having trouble accessing Gmail, G Suite, Youtube and other Google Services.

What Netflix's Social Dilemma Gets Wrong

What Netflix’s Social Dilemma Gets Wrong ⭐

Seeing the amount of people on my social feeds comment on how mind blowing Netflix’s latest documentary The Social Dilemma is.