The digital marketing efforts that resulted in enlisting 88 exhibitors, and driving 5.2k visitors to the Auto Aftermarket Trade Show


Autotech is an International Auto Aftermarket Trade Show for automobile spare parts, accessories, motorcar workshops, service station equipment and feeding industries. The show aims to connect people in the automotive business with the world’s leading companies in the industry to help grow their businesses and provide them with an opportunity to meet and network. Autotech takes place every year for a duration of 3 days.

The client’s objective was to reach and acquire potential exhibitors and visitors.

Duration of project: 3 months.

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Case Studies- Autotech- Event
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The Challenge

  • Autotech’s website was well-structured yet it lacked proper tracking tools needed to serve and supplement the digital user journey.
  • The event was a mere 3 months away.
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The Solution

After extensive research into the Egyptian & international auto market, ripplemark implemented the R.A.C.E framework model to draw a clear, measurable plan that would best achieve the client’s digital objectives.


  • Creation of a robust Facebook content strategy that uses all of Facebook’s ad types such as Collection Ads, Carousels…etc.
  • Determining Autotech’s customer journey (in both cases of exhibitor and visitor) in order to tailor content fit for each stage until conversion.
  • Creation of 2 creative campaigns aimed at increasing the number of exhibitors and visitors.
  • Refining ad targeting to acquire bullseye audience during every step of each monthly content calendar.
  • Performance testing in early stages to set realistic KPIs. Based on early performance, a clear understanding was made of what we could achieve with the assigned budget. Consequently, every stage of the R.A.C.E framework had its separate KPIs.
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Case Studies- Autotech
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The Outcome

  • A month and a half before the event, bearing in mind that the total duration of the project was 2 months, the exhibitors’ slots had been filled. A total of 88 exhibitors were enlisted via website conversions.
  • More than 5.2K visitors attended the exhibition.
  • Autotech’s Facebook page likes increased by 11K.
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Case Studies-Autotech-The Outcome
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