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Clients Requests

The Client’s Request; Ye or Ne? ⚙️

Should you always say yes to the client? Nope. There, I just saved you the 5 minute read. Coming from ...
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Digital Butterfly Effect

The ‘Digital’ Butterfly Effect 🔥

Why Storytelling Is Key At This Point? As per the Principle of Chaos, the Butterfly Effect is one that states ...
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Go Digital

Why Go Digital? 📲

Let’s face it, the digital era has begun and there’s no getting around the fact that almost all businesses, sooner ...
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📱🍎 iOS 14 Changes Impact on Facebook Ads and How to Prepare

With iOS 14 Facebook advertisers must prepare for a media buying paradigm with less data visibility and enhanced privacy. In this e-book our performance team has prepared a concise guide on the changes in the ecosystem along with the latest ads manager functionalities. Although there is a part specific to Facebook ads, this ebook is also useful for media buyers who rely on data from ad network SDKs functioning on apps as well as pixels installed on domains that track their media buying KPIs.

In this e-book you will learn:
✅ How to react to the new regulations
✅ Private Click Measurement
✅ Aggregated Event Measurement
✅ The future of event tracking
✅ How all advertisers should prepare