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The Effect of Facebook latest API changes on your web pages

Facebook Latest API Changes Will Break Your Website Pages 😮

34 days before an unexpected API change will take place, Facebook and Instagram will be dropping support of unauthenticated oEmbeds ...
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Start your career in digital marketing

How to Start Your Career in Digital Marketing 👌

This blog post is dedicated to a webinar we held on how to get started if you don’t know how ...
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Digital marketing for startups

Digital Marketing for Startups 💻📱

Congratulations, you’ve studied the market, worked on your product, managed to push forward a minimum viable product, in turn, caught ...
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Agility and Digital Marketing

Agility and the Digital Marketing Industry 📌

The essential opportunity a lot of organizations are missing Recent world happenings shed light on the need for agility across ...
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Sales Funnel

💡Confused about your approach to Facebook Ads? Download our eBook that will guide you through the fundamentals of scaling an Ad account on Facebook.

iOS Changes

📱With iOS 14 Facebook advertisers must prepare for a media buying paradigm with less data visibility and enhanced privacy. In this e-book our performance team has prepared a concise guide on the changes in the ecosystem.

How to Conduct User Tests

📝We’ve put together the following guide: to enrich the market’s understanding of user tests and the importance of product-market fit, and to provide a simple, easy to use guide that shows you how to properly conduct user tests.