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ios 14 update facebook ads

How Can Apple’s iOS 14 Release Affect Your Facebook Ads 🍎

Apple’s iOS 14 Release Apple has announced upcoming changes to be introduced in the new iOS 14 that will impact ...
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ripplemark google down

December Surprise: Google Services Are Down 💤

Never a dull day in 2020 -seems like the world's having trouble accessing Gmail, G Suite, Youtube and other Google ...
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Japanese SEO Spam

How to Fix a Japanese SEO Keyword Hack🔥

Our agency website was recently attacked by a Japanese Keyword Hack, after several days of anxiety, stress, hard work and ...
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What Netflix's Social Dilemma Gets Wrong

What Netflix’s Social Dilemma Gets Wrong ⭐

Seeing the amount of people on my social feeds comment on how mind blowing Netflix’s latest documentary The Social Dilemma ...
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Growth Hacking is Crucial

Why Growth Hacking is Crucial for Your Startup’s Success 🎯

Growth hacking is a recently coined, little understood concept in marketing that is most important for startups. In a nutshell, ...
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Digital Marketing State

The State Of Digital Marketing In Egypt – 2019 Opinion 💡

Let’s start with some definitions. The only reason in doing so is to clear the scene for the argument that ...
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Management Knowledge

Management Knowledge and Agency Life 👨‍💻🚀

One of the things we find quintessential in any agency's quality of success is its ability to not only manage ...
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Go Digital

Why Go Digital? 📲

Let’s face it, the digital era has begun and there’s no getting around the fact that almost all businesses, sooner ...
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Sales Funnel

💡Confused about your approach to Facebook Ads? Download our eBook that will guide you through the fundamentals of scaling an Ad account on Facebook.

iOS Changes

📱With iOS 14 Facebook advertisers must prepare for a media buying paradigm with less data visibility and enhanced privacy. In this e-book our performance team has prepared a concise guide on the changes in the ecosystem.

How to Conduct User Tests

📝We’ve put together the following guide: to enrich the market’s understanding of user tests and the importance of product-market fit, and to provide a simple, easy to use guide that shows you how to properly conduct user tests.